“I turned to Raquel’s expertise as a HeartMath practitioner during the 2020 Lockdown. As a professional artist, I wanted to use that time to increase my awareness, reduce my anxiety, and get the best out of myself professionally.

Raquel showed extraordinary wisdom and sensitivity, and gave me practical advice and exercises to increase my productivity, and decrease the internal chattering which can be very distracting. Initially I learned the techniques of HeartMath, and then I decided I would like some coaching on meditation.

Both practises have been completely life-changing for me and my work, I can’t imagine a life without either of these methods now. Raquel’s patience and understanding, clear ability to listen and assimilate information, and give relevant advice has enabled me to get clarity on how to move forward in my work and my personal life. Well worth the investment.”


Raquel is wonderfully kind, caring & supportive, and immediately put me at ease (I was a little nervous before the first session). She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and her voice and manner makes each session a joy. 

Each HM technique I learnt was a fabulous and freeing experience and Raquel’s methods for incorporating them into daily life has made practice easy – something I actually looked forward to doing. 

HM coaching with Raquel has allowed me to feel less anxious and more aware of all my unhelpful habits and ways of thinking. 

HM has helped me to deal with, accept and let go of things. I can’t thank Raquel enough! 

“I heard of Heartmath many years ago and had even bought the book and the ear sensor back then to try to teach it to myself.
So I am so grateful to work with Raquel and finally learn the Heartmath techniques in such a thorough way,
I was truly amazed with how the results immediately showed up in my life and relationships.
Raquel has such a loving and compassionate presence.
She explained the techniques clearly and guided me through each one in such a beautiful way.
I felt better instantly during the first session with Raquel, and the very next morning, the issue I had done my Heart Focused Breathing on during the session had magically resolved itself!
Thank you!”

“Although I had previously heard of the Heartmath Institute, it has only been recently that I have had the encouragement and guidance to practice its techniques.
I was lucky enough to be introduced to the practices by Raquel, who with her kind and gentle manner was my guide and mentor.
I had four sessions during which Raquel would explain different aspects of Heartmath to me and how I could apply this to my day- to-day life.
I particularly found the Heart Focused Breathing to be beneficial and I have been able to include this quite comfortably to my daily routine.
During the week, I would keep a journal of how and when the practices were useful and how I reacted to different situations emotionally.
Through this reflective practice I soon noticed a difference in how much more centred and calm I had become. How, with thought and application of the new tools in my armoury, I was able to re-wire my emotional responses in a more positive and less toxic manner.
Raquel’s patience is so comforting and paired with the fun and playful way in which she encourages and inspires, I found the experience an absolute pleasure.
I shall continue to practice the fundamental principles of the course and continue on my pathway to a more peaceful and loving life.”