From the tender age of four, I took my first steps in Classical Ballet!
Throughout my professional Ballet training, dancing and teaching careers, I’ve experienced many varied emotions ranging from pure joy to acute anxiety.

Learning how to best cope with the ups and downs of life and to deepen my self awareness has been a lifelong passion of mine.
I tried many different methods and learnt many fascinating lessons along the way as I ventured on my journey through life.

I have always felt life is to be approached with a sense of curious adventure.
It is my belief that being profoundly self aware enables life to be a fascinating, beautiful experience – one to be celebrated and lived fully.
I made it a personal quest to create balance and to ask profound questions on how best we can manage our emotional states, physical bodies, mental awarenesses and what our personal values are.
I realised shortly after becoming a teacher that to inspire my students (ranging from the ages of 4 to 89!) and to witness their transformation on an emotional, mental, artistic and physical level brought me great joy and inspiration!
I also noticed the prevalence of anxiety, depression, lack of self confidence and stress amongst students of all ages in relation to their everyday lives.
I wanted to change that, which brings me here!
My mission is to inspire, empower and to bring about an awareness within the individual of who they really are and what they are capable of achieving through inspirational coaching, Heartmath, EFT and TFT and personal tailor made meditations.
I believe everything is a possibility and I have witnessed many transformational changes in clients from all walks of life through self awareness and self empowerment.

The modalities I use enable my clients to

  • Let go of old programmes
  • Achieve goals
  • Create balance
  • Communicate clearly
  • Break down limiting belief systems
  • Create new empowering belief systems
  • Find inspiration
  • Reduce stress/anxiety levels
  • Improve energy levels
  • Feel empowered to live their lives to their fullest potential.
  • Releasing phobias, traumas and habits.