Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy are methods that require tapping certain acupressure points on the body whilst using affirmative language, thought or emotion.
It is extremely effective for releasing fears, phobias, anxiety or depression.
It has, in many cases, been effective with relieving pain.
The tapping of the meridian points enable the energy of the body to flow correctly, therefore the system is rebalanced whilst using affirmative language, emotion or thought.
It is known to work quickly and effectively.

In a typical session we would discuss the problem that is in need of addressing.
We then decide which of the two methods, EFT or TFT is most suitable for the client.
We will then take a rating of the severity of the issue before we start the tapping sequence or algorithm.
We repeat the algorithm or tapping sequence until the issue has subsided considerably and the rating is reduced.
Typically,  only one or two sessions are needed.
However, more may be required for deep seated issues.